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Use color to make your website look good

When we first look at a design or artwork, we often don’t think about what we see.  Instead, we focus on aspects of the work that grab our attention. This is called pre-attentive vision.  It begins when a design grabs our attention, but we haven’t yet thought about it.  We scan information, which is recognized [...]

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25 Creative Photo Collage Templates for Adobe Photoshop

Place all your favorite memories into a photo collage for a fun project or gift! Check out this incredible list below for premium Photoshop resources.25 Creative Photo Collage TemplatesA photo collage is a collection of images made by you. These compositions can be arranged into simple configurations or more complex arrangements for more creativity. Today [...]

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Why we need #DesignToo

The day after the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, I spoke to the Computer Arts team about writing something on 'design's Weinstein moment'. I think both the editor and I half-expected the whole idea to slide, and for the ruckus to blow over, as these things tend to. We celebrate violent men and paedophiles because their work in some [...]

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Has Google ruined image search?

Grabbing a picture from Google's image search just got a bit harder. That's because last night the search engine giant revealed that it has removed the View Image button from Google Images searches.Whereas users used to be able to search an image, pick a result they liked and view it on its own, now you'll [...]

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International Artist Feature: Kenya

Welcome back to our International Artist Series. Today we're catching up with five incredible artists from Kenya, home of incredible art, food, wildlife, and people in the heart of East Africa. I asked each artist how their country and culture inspired their work, and they delivered great responses.AlutheartistFirst up is Alutheartist from Nairobi, Kenya. A [...]

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Get perfect sound with StockUnlimited

The right song can set the mood for a video. Unfortunately, good music doesn't always come easy. You can make sure you always have the perfect tune ready for use for your project with the StockUnlimited Audio Library. You can get three-year access on sale for just $49.99 (approx. £36)!Music assets aren't cheap and they [...]

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27 Amazingly Detailed Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

Recently on our Facebook page, we were asked in response to a vector tutorial being posted:Ain't that too detailed for Illustrator?Names & avatars blurred for privacyIn response to one of our readers... here's an article especially for you and other vector fans. Here are 27 tutorials from our archives, with amazingly detailed end results, that [...]

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How to Draw a Tropical Fish

What You'll Be CreatingIn this tutorial, we’ll draw an angelfish—a small freshwater fish with a round body and elongated fins of a complex angular shape. This contrast makes an angelfish a true creative discovery for an artist!Angelfish are one of the most commonly kept aquarium fish; they are noteworthy for their beautiful stripy coloring. So [...]

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5 expert ReactJS tips that you need to know today

React has grown into one of the most popular tools found in a web developer’s library. Get yourself a selection of essential techniques that will improve your code output. 01. Higher-order components Components often share functionality with each other, such as logging or network requests. These can become difficult to maintain as the number using [...]

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5 ways to create better brand imagery

Clever and unique use of imagery can have a transformative effect on a brand's impact. The best logos can create a powerful visual association that goes far beyond the actual design itself.It's worth pointing out that 'brand imagery' is different from 'brand image'. A brand's image is that intangible, emotional quality that brands constantly strive [...]

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